Vacation Notice: Aug. 5th – Aug. 14th

I’ll be taking my annual trip to the Middle Ages from Aug. 5th through Aug 14th!

Every year I travel with my family and friends to a campground in Pennsylvania for a historical recreation event with over 10 thousand people who create a medieval town for two weeks. Unfortunately, I had to miss last year, which I was pretty bummed about so I’m even more pumped for this year! Here’s some photos if you’re curious about the event and what it’s like.

If you want to contribute to camping supplies, feel free to send me an gift card! I really try to treat the event as an escape from the modern world, so don’t expect any email responses, Twitter activity (other than clip update auto Tweets!), or Snapchats. I don’t get the chance to step away from my phone much (okay, EVER) so I really relish these opportunities. Thank you for understanding!

While I’m gone, my Clips4Sale and KinkBomb stores will continue to be updated daily, so enjoy!

See you when I get back, perverts!

Keep Playing,


Miss Kelle