So I was chatting with a friend online about getting some sort of self protection device. I’m not exactly living in a dangerous area like I was last year, but bad things happen everywhere. A little girl like me still needs to protect herself and well, I’m not exactly going to over power someone with brute force.

I always envisoned myself walking down a dark street at night and someone ran at me trying to attack me, but little did my attacker know that I had a knife strapped to my thigh like a spy, and BAM! stabby stab stab!

While that image might be cool, mace seems more practical. But then I’d have to rummage in my purse for it, wasting precious time.

Which brings me to tasers. As my friend put it, while he was watching police videos, “When a guy gets sprayed with mace, he starts yelling. When he is yelling and gets hit with a taser, he suddenly gets very compliant and starts begging.” I liked the begging imagery.

Nowadays, tasers come in all sorts of FASHION colors!

Don’t you love this image from their website?

Vicious blond in white (and high heels) takes down muscled, tattooed, goatee-wearing, bat- yielding attacker in black!

 Fabo, no?

Unfortunately they are rather pricey, but my B-Day’s coming up! haha