sillybilly’s erotic fiction – the audition

My devoted sub, ‘sillybilly’ was recently inspired to write a little fantasy of his own after hearing I was interviewing new candidates for our BDSM studio. He’s a great writer and helpless little baby – so if you enjoy extra humiliation…read on…

The squeals and laughter surprise You. The atmosphere is more that of a teen pajama party than an audition. But the three finalists for the new studio position have instantly taken to each other and are excitedly exchanging their most hilarious kink stories.

“Sorry to interrupt the party ladies, but shall we get started?” You shout out over the din. The three mistresses whoop it up and settle into the three chairs that have been set up next to each other, while quickly wrapping up their last story.

You climb into Your commanding throne chair off to one side with a set of note cards. “Quiet now!” In a few seconds, all the ladies are looking expectantly at You.

“You know the rules, so let’s just begin. Let me introduce you to my most ridiculously pathetic but most devoted sub. Billy, come out here!”

I am loathe to enter the arena, but having no choice I slowly walk out. I’m surprised to see the room is full of grinning young women.. At least I’m fully clothed in a dress shirt and khakis. “Right in front of the ladies Billy,” You instruct. I obey and stand their nervously having no clue what comes next.

“The first round is simple and cooperative. As you can see, Billy is role-playing that he is a regular adult male. He is nothing of the sort. You have two minutes to strip him of his costume. Ready, set, go!”

The three women look at each other for just a second and then leap from their chairs. One starts unbuttoning and yanking off my shirt, the second goes for my pants buckle, and the third for my shoe laces. Suddenly one pushes me hard in the chest causing me to fall backwards into another mistress who guides my head down to the floor. Hands rip my shoes and socks off, and then grab my pants and underpants and pull them down and off in one fell swoop. I try desperately to cover myself, but instantly find an arm pinned down on each side. The blonde kneels down between my legs and peers down. “Oh my God, he’s adorable! Look at how little he is! And not a hair in sight! Have you even reached puberty yet, billly?” I am too overcome to answer that Mommy freshly shaved me an hour ago

“Ooo look what I found for billy to wear!” the pink-haired Mistress exclaims, holding up a pair of light pink panties with a small bunch of yellow daises sewed near the waist-band.” Again the squeals as they fit my feet into them and start to pull them up.

“Time!” You declare. The mistresses stop with the panties at my knees, sorely tempted to keep going but not wanting to lose points going against their hopeful employer.

“Just as well ladies you didn’t finish because the next round is for spanking. Just leave him as he is.” Whoops and clapping greet this announcement. “Since billy hasn’t misbehaved – yet – I’m going to let billy have a warm-up before you all get serious. So please take a minute to collectively warm up his little bottom. Go!”

Six hands eagerly roll me over and start slapping my bottom and thighs. The air is full of taunting: “Oooo billy, you are in trouble! I love to spank and I love to spank hard!” “I’ve wanted to spank the shit out of my gf but she won’t let me. Apparently she’s got more balls than you.” “I soooo believe in subbies getting good solid spankings. Does them a world of good and makes them all ‘yes Ma’am’ and no Ma’am!”

The so-called warm-up is turning into a serious spanking itself when You yell “Time!” “Okay ladies, I want You each to pretend that you’ve just caught billy with his hands in your panties drawer. It’s up to you to make sure he thinks twice before doing that again! Carli, you go first.”

The pink-haired mistress grins, sits down with her back against the wall and motions with her index finger for me to come over. I look to You plaintively, but Your look tells me I’d better obey right now. I crawl over to her and she motions for me to get over her lap. I do, with my pink panties still clinging to my knees. My head swims both from being intimately close to a young beautiful mistress and from fear for what is to follow. My fear is justified as Mistress Carli doesn’t waste any time laying into my bottom. I’m soon thrashing against her thighs trying mostly unsuccessfully to stifle cries when her hand lands particularly hard against the same spot over and over. I dimly hear others clapping with glee. After what seems like forever and what would have been a worthy spanking by itself, I hear “Time! Next! Kati” Not wanting to come off as too lenient, each of the next two mistresses make sure their spankings are worse than the first, my tears apparently mattering far less than scoring audition points.

“Okay, time to give poor poor little billy a break,” You declare after the last spanking is completed. “Back to your chairs ladies. I’ll handle the next activity.” The mistresses return to their chairs and You kneel next to me holding a crop. “Edge, billy.” I look at You through horrified tears, still trying to get over the shame and pain of what just happened to me. You raise Your crop half an inch. I glance over at the three mistresses each of whom is smirking at me. “Mommy, pkease!!!!” My pleading is cut short as the crop makes itself felt against my tenderized skin several times. As You raise the crop again, I start furiously jerking my clitty. Oh God, what a nightmare!

Little do I know that more than a dozen more rounds await. The caning round. The strap-on sucking round. The enema round. The diapering round. The strap-on fucking round. The whipping round. The ….