Foot Boy Heaven?

I am quite looking forward to some new sessions this week, all involving spoiling me. 😉

I do so love being pampered, spoiled, worshipped and adored. I dont think it ever gets old. And the boys who know their place are always happy, especially at my feet. My pretty ruby-colored toes are just begging for a wonderful foot worship session. Foot bath, scented oils, soft lotion, relaxing massage. Mmm…I love having a good foot massage.

Can you imagine being able to pamper my feet and slipping on my little high heels(size 6), just so I can start that wonderful tease all over again. Few things bring me more satisfaction than a good foot CBT beatdown. Makes my little feet tingle at the thought of my tiny feet bringing you to your knees…or should I say the floor?

A parting gift, darlings.