Erotic Role Play…

…One of my absolute favorite activities, which happens to fall under the Kink-Lite flag.

Of course, most are familiar with the traditional “Daddy’s lil girl”, and “Naughty Schoolgirl” (These are two roles I happen to hold near and dear to my heart and are my absolute favs, so I’m not dissing it by any means). However, the hardcore mind-fuck, sweat and tears, role play I feel is vastly under-represented in the kink community. Torture. Interrogation. Promise of earth-shattering pain. Fear.

That’s what I can really dig.

That scene with James Bond in Casino Royale where his balls are getting busted to smithereens. Hot as fuck.

Anything involving hot people with german accents and uniforms and a bright light in my face. Sign me up.

Anyone else have a good movie suggestions? Porn is highly lacking in this area(WAY too fake and contrived), but if anyone can think of some good suggestions, send them my way.