Adult Babies!



As I have gotten a number of requests for AB/Adult Baby in-person sessions lately, and my diaper clips have gained in popularity, I wanted to explain a bit about this often misunderstood fetish.

I like to split ‘adult babies’ needs into two camps, The Nurturing Mommy and the Cruel Mommy.

Adult babies looking for a nurturing mommy are looking to do some fun age regression, which might involve pretending to be very young, pretending to be another gender, playing dress up in frilly outfits, wearing and tinkling in their diaper, being bottle fed, being put to bed, encouraging baby talk. Their play might be sexual in nature or not. Some adult babies just like the feeling of being taken care of. Others might enjoy a caring Mommy teaching them how to masturbate. All actions are kind, encouraging, sweet, and playful.

Those looking for a Cruel Mommy have a need for humiliation, embarassment, and cruelty. This might involve a Mommy putting her babie in girly clothes because he could never be a real man. It might involve small penis humiliation, being force bottle feed, while being humiliated the entire time. I have made naughty boys pee-pee in their diaper right in front of me, and even humiliated by being forced to masturbate in front of Mommy and being punished for it. This can involve spanking, corporal punishment, or other childish punishments like corner time. It might even involve a twisted cuckolding fantasy.

I have played both The Cruel Mommy and The Nurturing Mommy, and I thoroughly enjoy both. I especially love incorporating a simple act like baby powder or baby shampoo, because they say scent has the strongest hold on our memory. While some who enjoy this fetish might have had an abnormal childhood experience, others haven’t, and just enjoy this twisted little roleplay. Like Yours Truly!

The image above links to my “Dirty Daddy’s Diaper Secret” clip, in which your diaper fetish is discovered by your daughter, and she humiliates you for it!

I don’t associate the fetish of wearing diapers with adult babies, as they can overlap, but are not the same thing. I see diaper fetish as yet another loss of control(your bladder!) And before you ask, I don’t change poopie diapers, so don’t ask. 😉


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Miss Kelle Martina